This method allows you to upload files. The file needs to be sent via a form POST with enctype="multipart/form-data".  The maximum combined size of attachments is 10mb.  Note:  You cannot submit structure elements with the post.  Instead use CORE_ATTACHMENT_MANAGE to do so.

To attach to a folder created using SETUP_SITE_ATTACHMENT_FOLDER_MANAGE, set &object=417 & &objectcontext=[folder ID].

  Bucket Numeric An Amazon S3 bucket as configured via SETUP_AWS_S3_BUCKET_MANAGE. It applies to all files in the upload
  BucketFileNameN Text (1000)

'N' start at 0 for the first file. The name of the file in the bucket. Can have '/' to make a path. Defaults to [object title]/[object id]/[guid_filename].

  DescriptionN Text (2000)  
  FileN Object / File  
  FileNameN Text Filename that is used when downloading the file. Defaults to the name of the file
  IdN Numeric Id of attachment to replace (Attachment Id)
  Object Numeric  
  ObjectContext Numeric  
  PublicTypeN Numeric 1=As Per Normal Object Rules [default],2=Public,3=Not Public. To be able to have public attachments, you need profile setting 460 set to Y
  SourceTypeN Numeric 1=File [default], 2=URL
  TitleN Text (250)  
  StatusN Numeric You define these yourself via SETUP_ATTACHMENT_STATUS_MANAGE
  TypeN Numeric You define these yourself via SETUP_ATTACHMENT_TYPE_MANAGE
  URLN Text (200) Must be blank if SourceType = 1 (File). Cannot be blank if SourceType = 2 (URL)
{"status": "OK","notes": "RETURNED","instance": "lab-001","xhtmlcontext": "","data": {	"rows":
			"filename": "1.jpg",
			"attachment": "17081",
			"attachmentlink": "17174"
,"startrow": "0","rows": "20","morerows": "false","moreid": "192555"}