Call a URL and get the response returned  
  AsIs Text (1) Y / N [default]. If set to Y, the response gets returned unchanged. Otherwise, it gets returned within the 'Response' tag
  Data Text (Long) If posting, the data that needs to be posted
  Favourite Numeric The id of the URL as defined via CORE_URL_MANAGE.
  Header Text (Long) The value for the passed header gets returned in a tag called 'header_xyz'. For eg, if you pass P3P, you will get 'header_P3P' returned with the matching value
  HeaderAll Text (1) Y / N [default]. All headers are returned in tags 'header_xyz'.
  HeaderOutName[n] Text (100) Headers to be sent with the request. These should be numbered 0..N etc. If you pass a HeaderOutName you need to pass a value for HeaderOutValue, even if it is blank
  HeaderOutValue[n] Text (100)  
  Type Text (4) Either 'GET' or 'POST'. Will default to 'GET' is Data is blank, otherwise defaults to 'POST'
  URL Text (Long) The URL to be called. If this is not set, then you must pass favourite
  URLData Text (Long) Additional data to be added to the url. You need to add the '?' or '&' as appropriate
  URLId Numeric Alias for Favourite
  Various Depends on the options as set above
  Twitter GET url: https://api/
data: count=100&screen_name=twitterapi