Object: 295. Click here for more information.  
  The dates that Debtors / Creditors processing is up to is held in the Profile Settings of 351 and 352. You should not need to touch these settings.  
  This method is required to ensure good performance when doing FINANCIAL_DEBTOR_SEARCH, FINANCIAL_CREDITOR_SEARCH, and other financial searches.
  The processing sets Balanced = 1 on any transaction (i.e. invoice, receipt, payment, expense, credit note), where the opposing transactions total matches. For example, if an invoice for $100.00 has receipts for $100.00. When doing a search (eg FINANCIAL_INVOICE_SEARCH), performance is increased if you filter out these transactions, i.e. add a filter of balanced = 0
  Reset Text (1) Y / N [default]. If set to Y it redoes the processing from day 1, rather than incrementally based on you Invoices Locked Profile (233), and Expenses Locked Profile (264). You will normally need to use this flag, unless under the advice of support
  An array containing the processing notes