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  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  AccruedDate Date Defaults to today
  AccruedDateTimeZone Numeric  
  Area Numeric  
  BankAccount Numeric  
  CheckCredit Text (1) Y / N [default]. If set to Y, the system will look for any Credit Notes that can automatically be applied. If the Expense has a ContactBusinessPaidTo set, it will look for any Credit Notes with a matching id (ignoring the ContactPersonPaidTo). Otherwise it will look for a match via ContactPersonPaidTo. If there are multiple Credit Notes, the oldest Credit Note will be applied first
  ContactBusinessPaidTo Numeric  
  ContactPersonPaidTo Numeric  
  Notes Text (2000)  
  Object Numeric Click here to see valid values
  ObjectContext Numeric In conjunction with LinkType, links the Expense to something else in the system.
  PayeeReference Text (50)  
  PaymentDueDate Date Is calculated based on the PaymentTerms setting on the ContactBusinessPaidTo
  PaymentDueDateTimeZone Numeric  
  PaymentMethod Numeric You can define your own, or use the defaults: 1=Cheque,2=Visa or Mastercard,3=Direct Debit,4=BPay,5=American Express,6=Cash,7=[Unknown],8=Direct Credit,101=Paypal,102=EFTPOS,103=Trade Account
  PayStatus Numeric 1=Can Be Paid When Due,2=Don't Pay - In Dispute,3=Don't Pay - Awaiting Goods/Services
  Project Numeric Uses Profile Setting 262 to determine the default
  Reference Text (50) Defaults to EXPnnnnnn. Uses Profile Setting 6 to determine the default
  ReferenceMask Text (50) Alternatively, you can pass a mask to generate the Reference. It should have question mark(s) where the number is meant to go. For example with the next number of 123, "REF_??????" would generate "REF_000123". "REF?" would generate "REF123", "REF??????abc" would generate "REF000123abc". Note: The reference has to be blank for this to take effect
  SupplierInvoiceDate Date  
  SupplierInvoiceDateTimeZone Numeric