Object: 19. Click here for more information.  

Setup a news item for use on websites, bulk emailing, includes tracking set up.

Note: News will only be sent to contacts that have had their email address verified

  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  EmailTemplate Text (1) Y/N
  EndDate Date  
  EndDateTimeZone Numeric  
  FromAccount Numeric The Messaging Account that the news will be sent out from.
  Mobile Text (1) Y/N [default]. Is this news suitable for mobile devices
  NewsBody Text (Big!) The html of the news.  If you will be mailing the News out, there are two template fields available: [[CONTACTPERSON.FIRSTNAME]] & [[CONTACTPERSON.SURNAME]]
  Notes Text (2000)  
  Object Numeric  
  ObjectContext Numeric  
  PostUnsubscribeURL Text (200) After unsubscribing, where should the person be redirected to. Can use the template field [[NEWS.ID]]. If left blank, a vanilla unsubscribed message is shown
  Public Text (1) Y / N [default]
  StartDate Date  
  StartDateTimeZone Numeric  
  Subject Text (500) Mandatory
  Tracking Numeric 1=[Don't Track] [default],2=When Viewed,3=When a Link Is Clicked,4=When Viewed &/or a Link Is Clicked
  UnsubscribeGroupsOnly Text (1) Y / N [default].  If a user unsubscribes, should they stop receiving all news, or just be removed from any groups that caused them to receive the email
  UnsubscribeText Text (500) You can have an unsubscribe link in the NewsBody.  If you do so, make sure it is in the format [[NEWS.STARTUNSUBSCRIBELINK]]click here[[NEWS.ENDUNSUBSCRIBELINK]].  Alternatively, you can define the text here, but it must contain the words 'click here'.  If none of the above, then a generic unsubscribe link will be added.
  id Numeric