Object: 40. Click here for more information.  
  Manage a website or webapp.  
  Note: When adding a site, the Headers of x-content-type-options: "no-sniff", x-frame-options: "sameorigin", and x-xss-protection: "1; mode=block" are automatically added  
  Id Numeric  
  Remove 1 You will be passed back a verifycode, you then need to resubmit with the code set as &veriftycode=. Suggest getting the user to type the code in the client - to prevent accidental deletion.
  AnonymousUserRole Numeric By default, all SITE methods UnrestrictedAccess = 'Y' can be called by a user who is not logged on. If you want to control which methods can be called, set up a SETUP_ROLE_MANAGE role with CanUse = Y access to the methods that you want to be able to be called. For example, if you create a role with no access, none of those methods can be called.
  BodyTag Text (500) Alternate BODY element
  CanCreateSpace Text (1) Y / N [default]. Needs to be Y in order to be able to create new spaces within the site, see REGISTER_SPACE_MANAGE.  Can only be set by Super Users.
  Columns Text (50) Relevant if Layout = Frames or Tables
  CreateSpaceNotificationToType Numeric 1 = Send Email to User [default], 2 = Send Email To Site Email. Determines the email address that the welcome email gets sent to when a a Site is created
  CreateSpaceVerificationNotificationType Numeric 1 = Send Email to User [default], 2 = Send SMS to User. Determines whether the verification code is sent via an Email or via a SMS
  CSSAttachment Numeric Attachment that contains the CSS
  Default Text (1) Y / N. You can only / need to have one site marked default = Y
  DeveloperEmail Text (100) For reference, allowing ibCom to contact you if needed.
  DocumentsLinkedToThisSiteOnly Text (1) Y [default] / N. Do documents have to be linked to the site via SETUP_SITE_DOCUMENT_MANAGE before they will display
  DocumentType Text (500) XHTML document type (first line of document)
  Email Text (50)  
  EmailDestinationType Numeric 1 = Site Email [default], 2 = User Email, 3 = Any Email. 1 means that you can only send an email to the address configured on this record. 2 means you can send to any user in your space. 3 means you can send to anyone
  FooterHeight Numeric Only valid for older, frame based layouts
  FooterScript Text (2000) Typically something like google analytics js script.
  HeaderHeight Numeric Only valid for older, frame based layouts
  HeaderScript Text (4000) References to css, js files etc
  HeaderTitle Text Only valid for older, frame based layouts
  HideStandardLinks Text (1) Y [default],N. Only valid for older, frame based layouts
  IdentityProviderURL Text (200) This is text like ''. See LOGON_TRUSTED IdentityProviderType
  Layout Numeric 1=Layout Using Frames,2=Layout Using Tables, 3=[No Layout] [default]
  Notes Text (2000)  
  OnDemandStatus Numeric 1=[Disabled] [default],2=Enabled For Testing (Allow AJAX calls from any source/site),3=Enabled (AJAX calls only from same site),4=Enabled For Testing (Allow AJAX calls from any source/site & access any space),5=Enabled (AJAX calls only from same site & access any space)
  Reference Numeric Defaults to match Id
  SAMLIdentityProviderCertificate Text (2000) Note:  Values set on the URL record take precedence over values set here.  See This is text like '-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----MIIDdDCCAlygAwIBAgIGAV/X7y4+MA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBCwUAMHsx...'
  SAMLIdentityProviderId Text (200) This is text like ''
  SAMLIdentityProviderName Text (50) This is text like 'Google'
  SAMLIdentityProviderURL Text (200) This is text like ''
  SAMLIdentityProviderUserNamePath Text (250) If the username is passed as NameID, configure the attribute here
  SAMLServiceProviderCertificate Text (2000) e.g. -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIICpTCCAg4CCQCugX4yYwzdajANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQUF ...
  SecureURL Text (100)  
  Status Numeric 1=Closed [default],2=Open,3=Opening Soon
  TemplateDocument Numeric A document. ie DOCUMENT_SEARCH
  Title Text (100) Mandatory
  UseKeywordsAsTitle Text (1) Y [default] / N
  UserAccessType Numeric 1 = Only Users In This Space [default], 2 = Any User, 3 = Only Linked Users. For 3, define the users via SETUP_SITE_USER_MANAGE
  UserLogonKeyDelivery Numeric 1 = All [default], 2 = Querystring and Body, 3 = Body Only
  VerifyCode Numeric See remove.
  WebAddress Text (150)  
  WebSiteLocation Numeric 1=[Not Applicable] [default],2=Located On Another System,3=Redirect To My Integrated Online Shop,4=Root Domain