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  Security Settings  
  DataReturn Text A comma delimited list of advanced search fields to be returned after a successful save
  Id Numeric  
  Remove Numeric Pass '1' to remove the item
  AlertConversation Numeric A messaging conversation used in SUPPORT_ISSUE_MANAGE
  AuthenticationLevelMinimum Numeric 1=Standard [default],2=Logon Token,3=Logon Token and Password Token. Used when setting AuthenticationLevel in SETUP_USER_MANAGE
  AuthenticationUsingAccessTokenDefault Numeric 1 = Disabled [default], 2 = Can be used as 2nd factor token, 3 = Can be used to authenticate. Used to set AuthenticationUsingAccessToken when creating a new user
  DataTrackingLastBackupDate Date Used in conjunction with CORE_DATA_TRACKING_SEARCH for keeping off-platform backups
  LostPassword Numeric 1 = Send [default], 2 = Reset and Send,3 = Temporary Password Reset Code
  MinimumPasswordLength Numeric  
  MinimumPasswordStrength Numeric Scoring a password is as follows:
If length of password < 4 then no matter what your score is 1

If the length is longer than 4, you get 1. Plus an extra if 8 or more. Plus an extra if 12 or more. Plus an extra if you use a special character (eg '%'). Plus an extra if you have a lower case letter. Plus an extra if there is an upper case letter. Plus an extra if there is a number.

So, your score can range from 1 to 7. An example of a 7 would be S%venFunkyMonk1es
  Notes Text (2000)  
  PasswordBlockRepeatCount Numeric If greater than 0, then the user cannot reuse the same password if it is the same as one of the last N passwords.
  PasswordExpireDays Numeric If set to a value greater than 0, then any value passed via SITE_USER_PASSWORD_MANAGE is ignored
  PasswordLockDuration Numeric Used in combination with PasswordLockIfWrongCount. What period should be checked for invalid passwords. Default 10 (minutes).
  PasswordLockIfWrongCount Numeric Used in combination with PasswordLockDuration. Number of invalid password attempts before the account is locked.  Default 5.
  PasswordUnlockDuration Numeric If an account has been locked due to incorrect password attempts, how long should it be disabled for. Default 30 (minutes). Set to 0 if you want the account to be locked indefinitely (ie an admin needs to manually unlock)
  RelationalSecurityEnableAddress Text (1) Y / N [default]
  SearchContactFormat Numeric 1 = [Surname], [First Name], 2 = [First Name] [Surname]. Used on all searches that return a contact
  SiteSMSMobile Text (20) The mobile phone number that SITE_SMS_SEND sends to
  SpaceAdministratorEmail Text (100)  
  SpaceAdministratorMobile Text (25)  
  SpaceAdministratorName Text (100)  
  SpaceAdministratorNotes Text (2000)  
  SpaceAdministratorPhone Text (25)