A common requirement within an enterprise is a system to manage content, typically accessed via a website/app.

The mydigitalstructure platform contains the objects and methods to create a content management system (CMS).

Content (Editing) The content is managed within DOCUMENTs - they can be html or "text" (as in any format).
Access Access to content is controlled at number of levels - the first level is to set the document as either private or public.  If set to private you can then control access via user network groups.
Sharing (Publishing) DOCUMENTs can be shared by embedding them within another document or setting a URL stub, ie /aboutus - if you include an extension, like /locations.json, the content MIME type will be set to match.
Formatting Template DOCUMENTs can be set up and either linked directly to a content DOCUMENT or to the SITE that is being used to access the content DOCUMENTs.
What is a CMS?
DOCUMENT endpoint
SITE endpoint
SETUP endpoint
Responsive web design
Getting started for websites