Mobile usage via "smart phones" (or as they have become "smart devices") is growing rapidly.

Responsive web design is the use of best practices (layering and use of divs and css) to achieve the best user experience.

The mydigitalstructure platform makes it easier to build websites or webapps that respond to the size of the device being used to engage with the app - allowing you to achieve a responsive web design efficiently with lots of reuse of content and code on the full size website/app.

The mydigitalstructure platform has some inbuilt auto-sensing functions that will automatically serve up a "mobile site" in replace of the main site if it detects the browser is on small device (eg iPhone)


  1. Set up your mobile site - eg adapt css and any images
  2. On the main site so the &mobilesite= the site set up in step 1

If you want to stop the auto-sensing as step up in step 2 above then add ?bs=0 to the URL.

eg on the mobile site you can have a link "Go to standard site" - which recalls the link with ?bs=0

To see example go to or go directly to the mobile site at

Includes a simple jQuery based registration page that creates an opportunity.