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The story behind how a Windows 8 contact manager was built in 2 days

In the context of ibCom and its associated ecosystem, we can’t think of a better story that summarises the changes the internet has facilitated over the last 10 years and also why ibCom re-imagined itself 3 years ago and focus on creating the platform.

All driven at the highest level by the change of the “services oriented architecture” that we also use in our day to day lives, from being human and machine to being human, machine and information based.

"Is it that everything that is not an experience is now a service?"

In this simple example, you can see how a process that was close to impossible 10 years ago and would have taken “months” and “large” amounts of capital, can now be achieved in 2 days with little capital.

If you create value from being in business – it raises some interesting questions.

We are looking forward to some great conversations at the Get Together in March and hearing about other stories...

Find out more details on the build here:

See how a Windows 8 app was built in 2 days using &

and yes "If your.." has been updated to "If you...' on the blog :-)
mark.byers, 15 Feb 2012

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