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entityOS Learn | Integration with a GenAI Service
17MAR2023 Update
16JUL2022 Update (Minor)
18MAR2022 Update (Micro)
18DEC2021 Update (Micro)
06NOV2021 Update
24JUL2021 Update (Micro)
05JUN2021 Update
mydigitalstructure & blockchains
27FEB2021 Update
31OCT2020 Update
Updated Node.js npm module & Example app.
09NOV2019 Update
mydigitalstructure/js; new .cloud namespace
27JUL2019 Update
Time based One Time Password (TOTP) as 2nd factor
11MAR2019 Update
Stripe (Pay Now) Integration
21APR2018 Update
Single Sign On (SSO) SAML support
Yodlee Integration (node SDK)
09JUN2017 Update
ISO 27001 & 27017 Certification
MacOS Example App / Swift SDK
20JAN2017 Update
Alliance for Financial Inclusion Data Portal powered by mydigitalstructure!
Site Specific URL Shares
22FEB2016 Update
09OCT2015 Update
nodeJS & AWS Beanstalk
21JUN2015 Update
Send Bulk (News) Emails & Address Verification
28FEB2015 Update
AWS S3 Integration
26OCT2014 Update
nodejs module
http Proxy for mydigitalstructure
File Attachments Cold Storage
20APR2014 Update
Using Cryptography
04APR2014 Update
Tips for debugging an app
Multi-factor Authentication
Developing Off Platform & CORS
How mydigitalstructure uses AWS
AngularJS & 1blankspace
Ajax & SEO
AngularJS meetup Sydney 22AUG2013
1blankspace Open Source html/js app Updated
MetaWidget meets mydigitalstructure!
Object Model Overview Update
MacOS X (iMac) Native Open Source Code
The Cloud Evolution
Video on building beautiful apps using KendoUI
Community Videos
1blankspace Open Source Apps (User Interfaces) & github
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Sydney Event
Advanced Search Developer Preview - JSON support
ProgrammableWeb API - mydigitalstructure
Windows 8 Metro App Code Update
Options for building apps with mydigitalstructure
Financials/Accounting Methods Update
Automating Advanced Search Results
Community Development, AltusQ Partnership
Quick Blog Highlights & Windows 8 Roadshows
Past Blog Posts Index
JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual
Community.. videos & more
Microsoft Windows 8 Camps & Update
Startup Weekend Adelaide 30 March 2012 Uodate
Twitter @mydsondemand
Communities Stories & Videos plus BizSpark
Develop With Windows 8 Download Link Updated
ibCom Develop With Get Together - Thanks!
ibCom Get Together On Tomorrow
Get Together Event - 4 days to go! Community Sponsor
A Faster Future Book Community Sponsor
Get Together Mobile Site in 30min!
ibCom Get Together - 11 Days To Go!
The story behind how a Windows 8 contact manager was built in 2 days
Notification Alerts - noty.js
30 Getting Started Guides!
Get Together Event 1st/2nd March Follow Up
500 !
Apple Mac OS X Design Example (
Getting Started App Billing (Application Owners)
Resources -
Twitter @mydsondemand
Building a search engine indexable blog/forum/conversation
Facebook integration - OAuth 2.0
list.js - Creating advanced lists
jQuery Mobile 1.0
Social & OAuth - Twitter, LinkedIn...
mydigitalspace > mydigitalstructure
"Develop With" Get Together 1st/2nd March 2012 Melbourne

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