mydigitalstructure endpoint are hosted in 4 regions (nodes) globally.

The shared service is currently only active on the AU node,
solated services are available in all regions - pricing.


* "http state channel" is distributed, lines are shown chained for simplicity only. 

  • API: https://[region code]

  • Platform: http(s)://*.[region code]

The default http(s)://* URI is serviced by the AU endpoint node.

mydigitalstructure & AWS
Code Name Hosted (AWS Region/Zone) Active URIs
AU Australia Australia (Sydney)
AS Asia  Signapore  
EU Europe Ireland  
UK United Kingdom Ireland  
AM America United States (North Viginia)  
When you set up a space, you can choose:
  • the region for your space and thus where your data is stored

  • to optionally lock your space - which stops replication for the http state channel.  Typically done for governance/sovereignty requirements.  It reduces redundancy significantly.

mydigitalstructure uses a "http state channel" to replicate state changes to multiple regions, based on single on-region http request.

It is self-organising - in that if any one region should go offline - using DNS level TTL switching and other region will take over.  When the offline region comes back online it sends a request out to find the region with the best knowledge of the missing state information and requests a "replay" of the missing state.  Once this is complete, it announces itself as available.

More about continuity